Miami ICE Fugitive Receives 60 Month Sentence

MIAMI – A 42-year-old Jamaican national, with an extensive criminal history, was sentenced here Thursday to 60 months’ imprisonment for illegally re-entering the country after being deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officers. Donovan Wayne Tucker’s criminal history includes arrests and convictions for attempted burglary, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, extortion, procurement, child pandering, living off the earnings of prostitution, possession of narcotics and forgery.

Tucker was arrested by ICE’s Miami Fugitive Operations Team on Oct. 1, 2007. ICE subsequently presented the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida for criminal prosecution based on Tucker’s illegal re-entry into the country.

Officers also discovered that Tucker resided in Canada for most of his adult life.

Upon a motion by the United States Attorney’s Office, the court departed upward from a sentencing guideline of 12 to 18 months, and found that Tucker’s criminal history category substantially under-represented the seriousness of the his criminal history or the likelihood that he would commit other crimes. The court departed upward to the maximum sentence based on his numerous Canadian criminal convictions, his use of aliases, his history of absconding on bonds to avoid prosecution in connection with nine arrests dating as far back as 1988, and his fraudulent acquisition and use of the identification of others.

According to court records, Tucker was arrested for the first time in Dec. 2005 following an anonymous tip that he would be attempting to board a flight for Las Vegas from Fort Lauderdale International Airport using the identity of “Jason Camberg.” At the time of his arrest, Tucker was in possession of a birth certificate and a Florida driver’s license in the name of “Jason Camberg.” Tucker had been ordered deported in absentia in May of 2000 when he failed to appear for an immigration deportation proceeding and absconded on a $50,000 bond. He was subsequently deported to Jamaica on April 5, 2006.

According to court statements made in open court, investigators linked Tucker to nine arrests in various cities across the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Albany, Las Vegas, and Camden County, Georgia on various different charges. Tucker was able to avoid prosecution on all of these charges by using assumed aliases and absconding on bonds before authorities could verify his true identity.

R. Alexander Acosta, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, commended the investigative efforts of ICE. This case was prosecuted by Scott Behnke, Assistant United States Attorney.


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