7 Best Tips to Get You Prepared For a Divorce.

Getting a divorce can be a challenging process, both legally and emotionally, due to all the changes the people involved get through. That´s why we came up with some of the best tips to get you prepared for a divorce. 

  1. Do not panic: staying calm during a divorce is important, this way you´ll be able to make decisions rationally and the process will be less hard on you. 
  2. Do your research: knowing about divorce before starting the actual process will give you peace of mind, but it will also help know what you want out of the process and the divorce itself. 
  3. Have a plan and be organized: on one hand, you´ll want to discuss with your partner how things will be handled (finances, home boundaries), how and when you will tell the children about the divorce, etc. Don´t assume anything.
    On the other hand, it´s a good idea to have backup documentation to support your positions, especially when it comes to financial expenses and movements in general. 
  4. Rely on family and friends: you don´t want to isolate during these hard times. Quite the contrary, it´s advisable to surround yourself with people who care about you and that can be a good support system for you. Emotional support is important during life-changing times. 
  5. Maintain civility: avoiding arguments with your soon-to-be ex-partner will make the divorce process easier for all the parties involved, but especially if there are children in the equation because you will most likely be co-parenting with him/her. 
  6. Take care of yourself: the most important person is you, so no matter how angry or sad you may feel, focus on taking care of yourself physically but also emotionally and mentally. This will make the process easier, but most importantly, you will be ok. 
  7. Get the help of a professional: the process of getting a divorce is not easy, and the last thing you´ll want is to deal with all the paperwork required while going through a life-changing event. Russell Spatz has been practicing law for over 35 years, and he has the experience needed for any divorce case. Make an appointment today for a consultation: 305-442-0200.

About The Spatz Law Firm Blog

Russell A. Spatz, Esq. has been practicing as a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Miami Dade County for over 35 years. Having served as an Assistant State Attorney and Division Chief to two State Attorneys, Richard E. Gerstein, (1975) and Janet Reno, (1978), Russell A. Spatz, understands the complexities that are involved in defending a criminal case, and how to put his knowledge and experience to work for his clients as their criminal defense lawyer in Miami. Connect with Russell on Google.

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