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Support Christian Film “Home Run,” Opening on April 19

Support Home Run, Baseball Christian film, DUI

Christian film Home Run opens on April 19th, a week from today. We need your help to keep this wholesome, inspirational movie in theaters! Supporting a Christian movie is one way we can help people see and know God.

This inspirational movie is the story of baseball all-star Cory Brand, a successful athlete who wins out in the field. His life off the field is a different story, replete with haunting memories and bad habits. He almost loses everything after a DUI and a team suspension. His agent decides to send him back to the small town where he grew up, to get back to his roots and coach a local youth baseball team. While he’s there, he must attend the only recovery program in town. The movie beautifully follows his progress from negativity and slavery to his demons to freedom and hope for his future, a powerful transformation and tale of redemption through God that we can all relate to in some way and enjoy. You can learn more about the film and enjoy the trailer at the movie web site here:

Help Christian Film Reach a Wide Audience

The best way to support this wonderful film is through good attendance on opening weekend, from April 19 to the 21. Our goal is to sell out the theaters; the first weekend is pivotal in the decision to take keep the movie playing a second week and then help it place strongly nationwide in box offices. The film is only guaranteed one week at the theaters, but with great attendance on opening week and on the second week, it may make it to a third week!

Many groups have already purchased their tickets for multiple showings this opening weekend. Any size group helps, from twelve to hundreds or more. One way to ensure that people purchase tickets in advance is to set up a table at your church and take orders for tickets. It’s very important to purchase the tickets quickly to encourage theaters to place this film in a larger auditorium. Some theaters have the tendency to put small films in small auditoriums, but with strong advance sales they will move it to a larger auditorium, or even open an additional one! If you try to buy tickets a couple of days in advance and they tell you a showing is sold out, ask for a manager and request an additional auditorium.

Online ordering of group discount tickets (minimum 10 tickets) is available for Regal Kendall. Purchase discount tickets here. The movie opens at Regal Kenall in Miami, Regal Oakwood in Hollywood, Regal Cypress Creek in Ft. Lauderdale, and Cinemark Palace 20 in Boca Raton.

Showtimes for Home Run in Southeast Florida Theaters:

  • Regal Kendall Village  (Miami)—   11am (Fri, Sat, Sun only), 1:45, 4:30, 7:15 & 10:00pm
  • Regal Oakwood (Hollywood) — 12:00, 2:35, 5:10, 7:45 & 10:20pm
  • Regal Cypress Creek (Ft. Lauderdale) — 1:40, 4:20, 7:00 & 9:40pm
  • Cinemark Palace 20 (Boca Raton) — 10:30am (Fri, Sat, Sun only),  1:20, 4:10, 7:00, 9:50pm & 12:30am

How to Spread the Word about Home Run:

Please print and distribute fliers, like their Facebook page to receive their updates and share their posts with your network, and maybe even get the trailer shown in your church or group. There is a list of resources below that should you help spread the word. They can be printed and emailed or you could make your own flier to organize people in your group or church.

A list of Resources to Help Spread the Word

Powerful CROSS Florida Christian Recovery Summit Testimonials

Les McLean Cross

It seems like yesterday that the CROSS Florida Christian recovery conference opened its doors to the Christian recovery community. It was a wonderful two days for all involved; many attendees have shared their positive experiences of change and inspiration with us. We’d like to share Elizabeth B.’s (nickname Lizzy) testimonial with you, below. It’s a testament to the power of Christ’s love.

We’re grateful for her honesty and trust in sharing her feelings. Please feel free to share your experiences with us on CROSS Florida’s website, too.

Elizabeth B.’s Experience:

 “I came to the Recovery conference not trusting God, I had doubts because of the past troubles I been throught, my heart was troubled. I grow up in a church so are ready know who Jesus was. I was not trusting God.

Saturday Morning during worship I felt God with me, him around me. I worshiped with my eyes close that morning just feeling his love around me. The testimonys were great. Jenny Wades was good to it brought back memories of what happpend to me back from September 2009 I was 27 yars old when happened to me in STS yes I still get triggers every morning. I wake up thinking about it. I was assaulted by my STS driver.

Luanching a womens support by Debbie Beotriz & Christine was good got some Ideas from that, Learning the power of your story by Michael Benson was really powerful to me. What happened to you? How it happen to write a good testimony wow,

Cleveland Bell was powerful to me his testimony. There was an altar call on Saturday durning the day.

one was for the unsaved who did not know who Christ was. The 2nd altar for the ones that are ready saved that don’t make time to read the bible or to pray who don’t do it every day my heart was hard I was not open I had written down a question on my paper what if you are ready a Christian and your heart is far away. If you lost your first love that was me my quesion was answered just like that if you are that person stand up just were you are that was me he was talking about. God had answered my question. I stood up along with the the other people that were like me I was prayed for I surrened my pain, my hurts to Jesus that day February 9, 2013 I regave my life to Jesus. That God does care about me he has not left me once.

I was Filled with the Holy spirit God’s spirit I can feel his love again. I been working on the the each of the steps Life’s healing Choices evalating my life. I even have a sponder now. I suffer from lower back pain since I was 27 years old due to my past what happend to me as a baby by my birth mother yes it pains me still to think about what she did to me. I was adoped at 14 months old thats how I ended up in miami.

I hold my breath when I’m in pain which is not good bcause I cause my self to pass out I forget to breath than its lights out. I remembered to breath now after what happend to me back in January 4, 2012 after passing out in the Apple store from the back  pain being so bad I have to tell my self to take a breath.

I been spending the night at Jennys’s house all weekend for the conference. Saturday night I could not sleep I use the heating pad on my back, In Jenny’s bed while Jenny was in the living room watching tv. she fell asleep in the recliner she was sitting in. I came out of the room going to the living room she wakes up says I fell asleep put the leg part down. Jenny is going to get up when I came and sat in her lap layed my head over her heart to listen to Jenny’s heart beat, Jenny started to rock the recliner it hurt my back as she did this I felt pain in my back has been hurting since Friday night.

Jenny stop rocking your hurting my back I say, I sit up to put up the feet part up of the chair so I can straighting my legs to stop the pain Jenny moves her feet as well I lay back down again I want to hear Jenny’s heart beat, Jenny flips throuht the channels again finds this show that she watch growing up a show not from my life time called Get Smart to watch this was late at night 1:00am. I found it funny, I close my eyes as I listen to Jenny’s heart beat and her breathing I almost fell asleep on Jenny. The next Comercial I’m going to bed says Jenny, It did not happend she waited to the show was over let me rest in her lap.I felt comfort there God’s love. That was coming out of Jenny like I was in God’s lap.

We should be able to run to God sit on his lap rest in His arms, when we have troubles, not to be scared run to God ask for help God’s help. Jenny was an example of that last Saturday night on February 10, 2013.

On Suday I was filled with Joy God’s Joy in my life again something about me was change a friend told me at church after I was droped off you look like your filled with the Holy spirit I explain to her what happend to me.

Christian Recovery Conference in Miami a Success

CROSS Florida Christian Recovery Conference Miami

The First Annual CROSS (Christian Recovery Organization Summit of South) Florida Conference and Concerts were a wonderful success. What a privilege to have met and worked with everyone involved in the spirit of Christian Recovery this past Friday and Saturday! The success came from people devoted to making changes in their own and other people’s lives. You could feel God working through the weekend while we honored, learned about, and promoted Christian Recovery.

Thank You to All Involved

We were so blessed to have the support of First Presbyterian Church and Minister Chris Atwood, as well as the many incredible speakers, ministers, Churches who were involved! Musical guests Kathleen Carnali and Sweet Jesus brought extra inspiration with their beautiful, uplifting music. We’d like to express many thanks to all the sponsors, too. Each one of us was chosen to be there this weekend, to learn, grow, and share. The building and nurturing of a Christian recovery community is in full swing!

Letters from Conference Attendees

We’ve had wonderful feedback from several attendees committed to recovery in Christ. They are so ready that they are looking forward to next year’s conference! Marlen O. writes that she was compelled to thank everyone who assisted the event after she saw what God was doing to move the hearts of the people in the area of Christian Recovery:

 “The worship was literally out of this world,” she writes. “I was taken to a place where I no longer mattered and my only concern was to be near Him. Sherwin Jose and his band, Sweet Jesus and Kathleen Carnali were SO amazing!!! They literally made this a world class event. The workshops and speakers we great and we were able to see the Christian recovery community grow as a family, witness revival, see people led to the Lord and see people recommitting their lives to the Lord (yours truly being one of them).”

Another conference attendee wrote us an email about her experience meeting the speakers and other attendees. She met many people who had been abused, who had succumbed to pain: “I heard some of their stories with my physical ears. BUT then with my spiritual eyes and ears I saw and heard beauty in ashes.  What the Devil meant for bad, God had turned to good.  Their healing and fulfillment had come in full surrender to Jesus Christ. They’d been washed in the blood of Christ and wore new garments, having surrendered their tattered and torn ones.”

One of the aims of the conference was to help move beyond the pain of addictions to wholeness. And it seems to have helped:

“Their stories though painful ended with a great sounding crescendo that the best musical instruments could never repeat.  Lost souls with holes in their hearts had found their way to the Father of all who touched them with true unconditional love, healed them and fill them, making them whole.  They proclaimed that their days were not void of struggles but with God it was possible for them to successfully make it through.  They are the most beautiful people I’ve seen, they lifted their hands and heads to God in praise.  WOW, how beautiful they are – God’s children, forgiven and reborn.  Amen! Congrats to Russell Spatz for letting God use you – CROSSFL!”

Amen, and thank you to all for attending. Save the date for next year’s conference, or register now, and God bless you!

Image: Geralt

Join Fellow Christians in Musical Worship at the Christian Recovery Organization Summit of South Florida

Kathleen Carnali Miami CROSSFlorida Christian Ministry

Join Fellow Christians in Musical Worship at the Christian Recovery Organization Summit of South Florida

The Christian Recovery Organization Summit of South Florida (CROSS Florida) is right around the corner! You can become a part of the Christian recovery movement on Friday, February 8, and Saturday, February 9 in Miami, FL. The CROSS Florida Summit brings Christians and Christian Recovery Groups together to improve their Christian recovery ministries- and to praise the Lord in worship and in beautiful music, as well!

Christian Music to Inspire Faith, Hope, and Love

We are excited to share uplifting live music from Kathleen Carnali and Sweet Jesus that weekend. Kathleen Carnali is an international touring artist, and will be performing Saturday night. Her set will feature lead guitarist Dyce Kimura and violinist Carl Schmid. Her singing ministry takes her around the world, spreading the Lord’s good word. Kathleen’s inspiring music brings a strong message of love for Christ.

Sweet Jesus, a Christian ministry band, will lead worship for us on Friday night. They are a local band affiliated with Lighthouse Community Church in Dania Beach and led by rocker in recovery Dyce Kimura. Sweet Jesus not only brings musical worship, they also share gospel through Pastor Alex Pereda’s message. Other band members include Bekah Hernandez, Chris Wallace, Jonathan Wall, Carol Ascari, and Marla Tallant. We are so blessed to have both Kathleen Carnali and Sweet Jesus grace us with their inspiring music.

Register for the Summit

Be sure to register for the summit soon! Remember the summit is being held at First Presbyterian Church on beautiful Brickell Avenue. The deadline for the regular rate registration is February 7, 2013, at $65. Walk-in registration at $75.00 will be available the day of the event from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but only registered guests are guaranteed seats!

Please email or call 954-534-0510 with any questions regarding registration. We hope to share in God’s love with you at the summit!

Cross Florida: Christian Workshops in Addiction and Grief Recovery

Christian recovery in Miami, Cross Florida

Christian Workshops in Addiction and Grief Recovery

Cross Florida will be hosting the first Christian Recovery Conference in South Florida on February 8-9, 2013. This first-of-its-kind conference will bring Christians and Christian Recovery Groups together for a weekend of learning, community building, and praise of God. The summit will provide many workshops centered on Christian recovery methods and experiences.

Addiction Recovery Workshops

Attendees can benefit from workshops focusing on various kinds of addictions, including food, sex, and alcohol. “Hold onto the Word, not the Fork,” will teach attendees how to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger, and works on the premise that overeating is a symptom of a greater problem, our relationship with God.  Summit goers can look forward to Pastor Carey Miller’s presentation “Our God is Able,” on overcoming addictions through Scripture and his 66 years of experience, as well as Alan Oria’s workshop on Breaking the Cycle of Addiction. Mr. Oria will focus on the cycle from denial to full addiction and recovery, the addictive brain, and addictive behaviors.

I will also be presenting a workshop on the next frontier in recovery. “Emotional Sobriety” will focus on unhealthy dependencies and breaking the bonds of idolatry. Idols come in many forms, including dependence on alcohol, over-attachment to people, property, roles in society… in short, anything that can substitute for God.

Grief and Empowerment Workshops

Other striking workshops cover staying sober while dealing with grief, either from a loved one dying or with post-abortion trauma. The underlying theme is learning to ask for God’s help in dealing with grief, recovery, and healing. There will also be an opportunity to partake in the launch of a women’s support group for ladies experiencing “Life’s Hurts, hang-ups, and unwanted habits.” Bring ideas for book study and perhaps volunteer to be a servant-leader for the group!

The “Learn the Power of Your Story” workshop is presented by Michael Benson and designed to help people understand and use the power of their testimonials. This workshop will allow attendees to share their stories and truth in every twelve step meeting through scripture.

Please head over to our website to learn more about the featured speakers, and remember to register early! Early registration at a discounted rate is available until January 15, 2013.

Presenting the Christian Recovery Organization Summit of South Florida (CROSSFlorida)

Russell Spatz Christian Attorney presents CrossFlorida recovery addiction

I am the proud organizer of CrossFlorida, a non-profit organization that is a branch of Alive Again Ministries. Cross Florida is committed to creating an environment which encourages and promotes Christian fellowship of people in Christ-based 12 step recovery programs, bringing these good people together with a common purpose.

In this effort, CrossFlorida will be hosting its first Christian Recovery Conference in Miami, FL on February 8-9, 2013. The conference will feature two days of intense, enriching workshops, beautiful worship services, and in-depth information regarding topics such as emotional codependency and addiction recovery. Sweet Jesus and Kathleen Carnali will be leading live praise and worship that weekend.

Bringing Christians Together

The workshops will cover issues we all might face at some point in our lives and with which we need help. They include breaking the cycle of addiction, recovery in emotional sobriety, and creating a sober world, among others. I will be speaking on unhealthy dependencies and breaking the bonds of idolatry. The two day event will be held at First Miami Presbyterian Church at 609 Brickell Avenue, a historic building in Miami surrounded by first class restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the church.

Register Early!

Early registration at a discounted rate is available. The deadline for early registration at $45.00 is January 15, 2013. The deadline for the regular rate registration is February 7, 2013 at $65.00. Walk-in registrations are available the day of the event from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, but only pre-registered participants are guaranteed seats. This rate is $75.00. Please email with questions about registration or call 305-586-3056.

Russell Spatz to Speak at Rockers in Recovery Event


I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at the 2012 Rockers In Recovery Music Festival. Also known as the “Sober and Clean Woodstock,” this festival is a concert put on for all those who are either in recovery or supporters of the recovery movement.

This is an event very dear to my heart. I can and will go anywhere to help and support anyone in recovery. In this case, that means I’ll be the featured recovery speaker at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 3, 2012.

There will be great music and people with integrity, the best kind of company. The three day festival will include a variety of speeches and live music; there will be 20 bands playing on the main stage at every hour through the evening. The event is being produced by Rockers In Recovery, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. Rockers In Recovery has been supporting musicians and music lovers who are in recovery or support recovery since 2008. You can support them and get your fill of music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place in the “clean and sober” community.

The festival is being held from November 2-4, 2012 at CB Smith Park, 900 N. Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33028, about 20 minutes from the Ft. Lauderdale airport. The entire festival will be closed to the public. It is an event that will be drug, alcohol, and gambling-free, of course. There will be on-site lake camping, water skiing, fishing, tennis, golf, water parks, marathon meetings, recovery-related merchandise vendors, and food available!

Tickets are on sale online, and cannot be bought at the door. Buy your tickets soon! They are running $20 per day; children 12 and under are free.

I hope to see you there!

Spatz Law Firm Sponsors 5K Wild Walk at Zoo Miami on November 10


I’m excited to announce that the Spatz Law Firm is sponsoring the 5k Wild Walk being held at Zoo Miami in support of Miami Youth for Christ. This organization has been improving the lives of children in Miami for 60 years; we have a wonderful opportunity to give back on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

Please join our Dickie’s Loyal Lions team in walking (or running!) through Zoo Miami to raise funds for this incredible community organization. There will fun for the whole family: face painting, games, food, prizes, and a bounce house. Participants get a full day’s access to Zoo Miami, an official 5k participation t-shirt, and a chance to share a beautiful moment with families, friends, and exotic animals.

Miami Youth for Christ helps at-risk children and teens grow through difficult times by connecting them with positive examples from Jesus’ life. Its mission is to provide safe, creative, consistent programs to help children from all over the county make positive choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Programs include after-school clubs, tutoring, camps, and weekly bible studies for young people living in residential facilities.

It’s not too late to join Dickie’s Loyal Lions! Please read on for more information and to register. We’ll see you there!