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5 Celebrity Couples Who Co-Parent Successfully


For any divorced couple with children, having to navigate co-parenting isn’t always easy. Those who have to try to figure out how to move on after divorce and successfully co-parent while in the spotlight have it just a bit tougher. Celebrity parents know that with fame comes eyes on them at all times – especially the hard times like divorce and raising children.

By keeping their children’s best interests and well being at the forefront of their thoughts, several celebrities have managed to figure out how to co-parent in a smooth and successful way.

Here are five sets of celebrity couples that have survived divorce with their friendship intact, at least enough to peacefully co-parent.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

One of the OG families when it comes to co-parenting, Willis and Moore famously divorced two decades ago. The pair has three daughters, who are now all grown and yet the co-parenting continues. According to an Instagram post Moore shared on her page, the divorced duo decided to spend quarantine.  A whirlwind romance, that resulting in marriage and the start of a family before fame got in the way.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

A divorce that sparked the phrase “conscious uncoupling” also resulted in a successful set of co-parenting celebrities. The rockstar and actress are parents to Apple and Moses who spend their time split between both homes. “Both Chris and I have made a commitment to continue to love the things about each other that we’ve always loved and to really continue to develop our friendship and to find ways to continue to communicate,” Paltrow told Today during an interview.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Divorcing after 9 years of marriage, this celebrity couple shares custody of their 6 year old daughter, Everly. Using an app called OurFamilyWizard, the ex-couple has successfully figured out how to navigate the strange waters of co-parenting as each has already moved on – with Dewan already having another child with her new beau.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

This Miami based celebrity couple has figured out co-parenting and friendship while still being able to support each other personally and professionally. Not only do they share their twin children’s time successfully, they show up at each other’s holidays, events, and milestones as a strong pillar together in the lives of their children. At Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl performance in 2020, Anthony proudly stood by the stage cheering on not only his 11 year old daughter Emme during her performance, but her mom as well.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

A relationship that was watched endlessly on screen, the eldest Kardashian and her longtime-boyfriend and father of her three children have figured out the secret to co-parenting. Though they don’t live in the same home, these two are known for taking vacation together in order to make memories for their children that they will never forget. They may pick on each other and argue on camera, but at the end of the day they always put their children first and have made sure they know they are loved by both parents.


The Christian Recovery Organization of South Florida Summit Kicks Off Today!

Christians working together CROSS Florida Summit Miami

The Christian Recovery Organization of South Florida Summit kicks off today! Bringing together a loving, large group of people devoted to God’s work of helping others has been a labor of devotion, faith, and love. I hope to see all of those committed to helping their neighbors in recovery turn out! The Summit is being held at the historic First Presbyterian Church from Friday, February 7, to Saturday, February 8.

There Is Still Time to Register!

In case you’re worried you might be too late to register, registration will be ongoing up until the Summit on Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The regular registration rate is $65 until February 7, and $75 at the door for walk-ins. I really hope you register early; only registered guests are guaranteed seats!

Get Inspired: Great Speakers

We have so many wonderful keynote speakers, including Jerry Sharpe, founder of God and the 12 Steps, and co-leader of the Recovery Bible Study, along with Stephen “Brother Stevie B.” Boyarsky. Stevie B. is also the Ministry leader of Celebrate Recovery at Lighthouse Community Church in Dania Beach, FL. These two leaders in the Christian Recovery movement of South Florida will be gratifying to listen to and speak with. Cleveland Bell, the Executive Director for Riverside House, a non-profit, faith-based organization, will also be speaking at the summit. Once an inmate himself, through God he has become an inspiration for us all.

Christian Workshops Explore Ways to Improve Our Lives

I’m also excited to announce several additions to our already-rich offerings for this weekend’s CROSSFlorida Summit. We are working to bring speakers and presentations that address peoples as a whole. We’re looking forward to Dr. Cristina Espinoza-Alguera’s healing workshop. Christina is the founder of Cave Solutions Institute, and brings with her a mission to help individuals discover their God-given natural talents, dreams, and life purposes.

We’re also looking forward to Paul Osterman’s workshop: “Beyond Relational and Sexual Brokenness.” Paul is the founder and Executive Director of Restoring Hope Ministries. We’re also looking forward to Dr. Chuck Dickson, Psy D., and his lecture on codependency and its effects on the family. Oftentimes we overlook how much addiction affects everyone around us.

There are many more wonderful speakers sharing with us at the summit, so please head over to CROSSFlorida’s website to learn more.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you there!

Please click for directions to the CROSSFlorida Summit.


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Cross Florida: Christian Workshops in Addiction and Grief Recovery

Christian recovery in Miami, Cross Florida

Christian Workshops in Addiction and Grief Recovery

Cross Florida will be hosting the first Christian Recovery Conference in South Florida on February 8-9, 2013. This first-of-its-kind conference will bring Christians and Christian Recovery Groups together for a weekend of learning, community building, and praise of God. The summit will provide many workshops centered on Christian recovery methods and experiences.

Addiction Recovery Workshops

Attendees can benefit from workshops focusing on various kinds of addictions, including food, sex, and alcohol. “Hold onto the Word, not the Fork,” will teach attendees how to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger, and works on the premise that overeating is a symptom of a greater problem, our relationship with God.  Summit goers can look forward to Pastor Carey Miller’s presentation “Our God is Able,” on overcoming addictions through Scripture and his 66 years of experience, as well as Alan Oria’s workshop on Breaking the Cycle of Addiction. Mr. Oria will focus on the cycle from denial to full addiction and recovery, the addictive brain, and addictive behaviors.

I will also be presenting a workshop on the next frontier in recovery. “Emotional Sobriety” will focus on unhealthy dependencies and breaking the bonds of idolatry. Idols come in many forms, including dependence on alcohol, over-attachment to people, property, roles in society… in short, anything that can substitute for God.

Grief and Empowerment Workshops

Other striking workshops cover staying sober while dealing with grief, either from a loved one dying or with post-abortion trauma. The underlying theme is learning to ask for God’s help in dealing with grief, recovery, and healing. There will also be an opportunity to partake in the launch of a women’s support group for ladies experiencing “Life’s Hurts, hang-ups, and unwanted habits.” Bring ideas for book study and perhaps volunteer to be a servant-leader for the group!

The “Learn the Power of Your Story” workshop is presented by Michael Benson and designed to help people understand and use the power of their testimonials. This workshop will allow attendees to share their stories and truth in every twelve step meeting through scripture.

Please head over to our website to learn more about the featured speakers, and remember to register early! Early registration at a discounted rate is available until January 15, 2013.

Spatz Law Firm Sponsors 5K Wild Walk at Zoo Miami on November 10


I’m excited to announce that the Spatz Law Firm is sponsoring the 5k Wild Walk being held at Zoo Miami in support of Miami Youth for Christ. This organization has been improving the lives of children in Miami for 60 years; we have a wonderful opportunity to give back on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

Please join our Dickie’s Loyal Lions team in walking (or running!) through Zoo Miami to raise funds for this incredible community organization. There will fun for the whole family: face painting, games, food, prizes, and a bounce house. Participants get a full day’s access to Zoo Miami, an official 5k participation t-shirt, and a chance to share a beautiful moment with families, friends, and exotic animals.

Miami Youth for Christ helps at-risk children and teens grow through difficult times by connecting them with positive examples from Jesus’ life. Its mission is to provide safe, creative, consistent programs to help children from all over the county make positive choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Programs include after-school clubs, tutoring, camps, and weekly bible studies for young people living in residential facilities.

It’s not too late to join Dickie’s Loyal Lions! Please read on for more information and to register. We’ll see you there!